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Web-Based Training

We thought it’d be helpful to keep a running list of the various web-based trainings that we hear about.  Please share any that are being offered by your organization or others that you’ve heard of!  Given the current economic climate and the fact that increasing numbers of us are taking on more responsibilities with the same hours in the day, we thought it’d be useful to keep a list of the various options for further training and education that can be done at the office.  Some of these are fee-based, some are free, and others require a membership.

Educational Credential Evaluators: ECE’s e-learning program incorporates numerous 1.5 hour webinars on topics such as practical credit and grading practices, diploma mills and accreditation, fraud, and country trainings on China, India, Russia, and others.

World Education Series: WES provides 1.0 hour webinars related to credentials evaluation, recruitment, and WES products and tools.  The credentials-related series includes topics such as a 3-part secondary education series, Asian university credentials, and country-specific credentials from different Latin American and Middle Eastern countries.  These country topics are actually archived and available for discounted purchase at

EducationUSA: EducationUSA has recently launched a new series of sessions called EdUSA Connects that covers a broad spectrum of topics related to international educators.  Recent programming includes European recruitment trends and Central Asian evaluations, and an upcoming edition will focus on the impact of the Bologna process.  There’s also great information directed at prospective students at

NAFSA: Association of International Educators: NAFSA‘s webinars don’t generally cover our favorite topic (credentials evaluation), but they’re still relevant to those working with international students and cover a wide variety of topics relevant to international education.  In order, you can order an audio copy of previous webinars.  Plus, NAFSA has other e-training opportunities.

American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers:  AACRAO doesn’t usually offer webinars that are specific to foreign credentials, but they do provide training on fraudulent documents, recruitment, international enrollment management, and other topics related to international education.

National Association for College Admission Counseling: NACAC offers some programming related to international students, especially related to recruiting.

Other webinars:


Ontario Ministry of Education:

National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals:

Canadian Education Network:

Canadian Bureau for International Education:


The new GRE:

Smoke, Mirrors, and Fake Credentials webinar:

International Association for Medical Education:

The India-China-American Institute:

Fulbright Scholar:

National Centre for Vocational Education Research website:

and here‘s a helpful handout on various professional development resources related to international education.