In addition to working directly with applicants, Transcript Research is happy to help institutions.

If you are a representative of a US college or university, a human resources department, a law firm, or some other institution wanting information for your applicant, we are happy to assist you. If you previously worked with AACRAO International Education Service, we have some additional information just for you. 

This portion of our website is oriented towards those institutions who are interested in learning more about using Transcript Research to conduct the foreign transcript evaluations for their applicants with international credentials or who are looking for the research and resources provided by Transcript Research for U.S. institutions.

If you are trying to find information for your applicants to help them as they apply directly with Transcript Research, then we recommend that you start at our applicant portal. You can learn more about our Evaluation Policies as well. 



Some of the institutions we work with prefer to have a custom application to ensure that their applicants always select the services that they need in order to make admissions or employment decisions about the applicant. This ensures that your institution can maintain quality control over the evaluations but still outsource the evaluation, document management, and evaluation fee to others. 




There are numerous benefits to working directly with Transcript Research and allowing us to handle your international transcript evaluation needs:

  • You control the credential requirements needed by your office (copies, scans, originals, etc.) because you send us a scanned copy of the materials for the evaluation; we can indicate on the evaluation industry standards for “official” credentials, but you determine how that best fits your institutional needs
  • Institutions receive a discount over direct applicant prices and can be invoiced monthly for convenient payment processing
  • Institutions have a reduced turn-around time compared to direct applicants and always receive evaluations via email rather than by postal mail service
  • Electronic evaluations are never handled by the applicant, and the evaluation is not influenced by the applicant
  • You benefit from our years of experience, extensive resource library, and international network of connections and contacts
  • You maintain the relationship with your applicants; we communicate only through you and never with the applicant



We also conduct workshops, conference sessions, and other training opportunities for educational institutions and transcript evaluators.  You can get more information on our Training page, or contact us directly for more details! 

Sign up here for more information on Transcript Research's Evaluation Training Seminar, which will be held in November 2019 at the Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum. We're also going to start holding webinar-based training in 2019. 



Meet with a member of Transcript Research at a state, regional, national, or international conference or training event. You can get more information on our Events page, or contact us directly to schedule a meeting!