Transcript Research understands that this is a tumultuous time for a lot of people, but we are still here, at full capacity, hard at work on conducting international education evaluations for further education, employment, and more.

We certainly understand that obtaining the necessary documentation can be a challenge right now. Please feel free to contact us at with any concerns or issues, and we will do our best to assist you in resolving them.

Transcript research remains open and is continuing to provide the high level of evaluation service our customers require. Please note that there may be delays in receiving postal mail both due to slowdowns in the United States Postal Service and local ordinances that are limiting travel around the city. We will continue receiving postal mail safely and regularly, but we may be unable to check our mailbox on a daily basis.

As always, documents may also be sent electronically by fax or email from the institution that issued the credential such as secondary examination boards or higher education institutions, as per our country requirements below.

Terms of Service

Please make sure you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions before applying.

Official Documents

Transcript Research requires official documents to conduct evaluations.  We cannot use copies, scans, or faxes unless they can be verified with the issuing institution.  We can begin the evaluation on the basis of scanned or faxed copies of your credentials, but we are unable to complete and mail the evaluation until the official records have been received. Notarized documents are not official; we also do not accept the Apostille as official. Unofficial "student copies" and print-outs from online student advising/records systems are not considered official even if sent by mail. 

If we require the transcripts or other academic credentials to be submitted directly to Transcript Research form your institution, please use our Records Request formDocuments sent to us directly by the issuing institution become our property and will not be returned or released to the student/applicant.

Documents may also be sent electronically by fax or email from the institution that issued the credential. For electronic records, we must be able to confirm that the sender is the appropriate authority at the institution that issues educational records. If we are unable to verify that the email address or fax sending us the documents is the person or office authorized to issue the records (controller of exams, registrar, records office, etc), then we will not be able to accept the electronic records and will require official documents as specified above. 

For secondary/high school transcripts, the secondary/high school can send us the records directly as long as we can confirm the contact information. For countries that have a state or national leaving examination, we can only accept the leaving examination or matriculation certificate from the examination body, not from the secondary school. For university credentials, educational records cannot be sent by the academic department or faculty; they must be sent by the records, registrar's, controller of exams, or other centralized department that issues official records for that institution. 

Please note that verification may be required, which may cause delays.

Special note on oversized documents: If you have oversized degrees - documents as big as A3 paper (297 x 420 mm or 11.7 x 16.5 inches) or bigger, please contact us by email before mailing your documents. We charge additional shipping for oversized documents, which is based on the size of your documents and your mailing address, but alternative arrangements may be available so you will need to email us before mailing them.

Qualification Check

Instead of mailing your official documents, you may be able to pay to have your post-secondary transcripts and degree (if you graduated) verified by Qualification Check. Qualification Check verifies educational records at 40,000+ education institutions in over 190 countries in an average of 5-10 days.Register for free at to see if they are able to verify your post-secondary documents before you apply. If you use Qualification Check, you will need to upload a PDF of both your transcripts and any degrees or diplomas you earned. Please note that we do not accept Qualification Check for completed post-secondary Chinese qualifications.


Some education institutions issue documents in English and another language.  We require documents issued by the institution in English and the native language (if issued) from Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, European Union (if using Diploma Supplement), Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

For those countries whose documents are issued in French, Spanish, or Portuguese, please submit word-for-word English translations that follow the same format as the native language documents.

For those countries whose documents are not issued by the educational institution in English or the languages above, you must submit professional translations. Professional translations must be completed by official translators in the home country or members of the American Translator’s Association in the U.S. These translations must be word-for-word and follow the same format as the native language documents.

We do not accept evaluations from other companies as a translation; we require a literal, word-for-word translation of the entire academic record being evaluated.

Transcript Research has a collaborative relationship with Credential Consultants, a corporate member of the American Translator's Association. Details about the process can be found here, and you can apply for a translation at

Please be sure to read the information below the country chart regarding grading scales, US university attestations, and more. Please note that all credentials are subject to verification. 


Country-Specific Requirements

Transcript Research requires official documents. You can check out our country-specific requirements for secondary and post-secondary studies via this PDF. 

Country Requirements


Authenticity Statement

Transcript Research takes authenticity of documents very seriously. If we believe that the credentials submitted for evaluation have been altered or are otherwise in-authentic, we reserve the right to seek verification of any academic credentials (transcripts, diplomas, certificates, diploma supplements, etc.) at the secondary or higher level. If our verification finds that the documents submitted were not valid, we will cancel the application for evaluation (no refund) and notify the institutions or persons listed on the application of the results of our investigation. We will also provide this information to the local authorities.

Diploma Mills

Transcript Research does not evaluate documents issued by a diploma mill or degree mill. We use extensive resources to determine the recognition/accreditation of all foreign educational institutions. If it is determined that transcripts or other documents submitted for evaluation are from a known diploma/degree mill, we will cancel the application, and no refund of fees will be possible. We will also forward the information to the local authorities and to Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board if the applicant is living or working in Texas if the school is listed on the THECB’s website of institutions whose degrees are illegal to use in Texas.

Grading Scale/Marking Scheme

Please provide a copy of the grading scale used at your institution if it is not already listed on the academic records. If information about your program is not available on the college or university’s website, we may also require that you submit a syllabus /course description / study plan.

U.S. University Attestation of Previous Records

If you have already submitted original documents to the college or university in the U.S. where you want your evaluation sent, please make arrangements for them to send us attested copies of your academic credentials.  We still reserve the right to request originals from the international institution(s) that you attended, but we will make every effort to use the copies sent by the U.S. institution where you have already presented your originals.  In this situation, we are able to issue the evaluation only for the specific U.S. institution that already has your original documents; it would not be possible to issue additional copies of the evaluation to be used to apply to other institutions unless you later provide original documents or we send your attested copies for verification.  This only applies if you are applying to a U.S. college or university and want us to evaluate copies of the academic credentials you have already submitted to the U.S. college or university.