Transcript Research understands that this is a tumultuous time for a lot of people, but we are still here, at full capacity, hard at work on conducting international education evaluations for further education, employment, and more.

We certainly understand that obtaining the necessary documentation can be a challenge right now. Please feel free to contact us at with any concerns or issues, and we will do our best to assist you in resolving them.

You can also read our temporary policy regarding postal mail delivery.


There are 4 easy steps to getting an evaluation:

1.  Check out the country-specific requirements appropriate to your education to see what you will need to submit in order to apply for an evaluation. If your documents were not originally issued in English, we also need a translation, so be sure to check out those requirements as well.
Please let us know BEFORE applying if you have questions! 
2.  Submit the application form and fee
A note about your application - it must be complete. The educational history section is vitally important. Even if we are not evaluating every institution you have attended, you still must list your ENTIRE educational history on the application, beginning with 9th grade. If you do not want all of your education evaluated, please mention that in the Notes to Transcript Research section of the application, but we do need to know your full educational history. You will not need to provide the official documents for the credentials you do not need evaluated.
3.  Provide us with electronic copies of the academic documents you need to have evaluated by uploading them to your application or emailing or faxing the documents after applying. This way, we can begin working on the evaluation while we wait for the official documents to arrive in the mail.
4.  Mail the official/original documents to us or make arrangements to have the institution send the documents to us. We cannot complete and mail your evaluation without the official documents by mail. 


Please note we have custom applications for applicants to the University of Dallas, the City University of New York (CUNY), the New York University School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS), Baylor College of Medicine, and USAID.  


More Information about us and our services!

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Terms of Service 

Transcript Research provides evaluations of foreign transcripts for international students as well as study abroad and exchange students to compare their educational records to the US education system.  Since 2011, we have been a member in good standing of NACES, the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, and we are committed to providing clear and comprehensive foreign transcript evaluations so colleges and universities, employers, immigration attorneys, examination boards, and others can make an informed decision about their applicants with international credentials.

Our process has been designed in two ways: we can work directly with applicants and students, or we can work for institutions as their foreign transcript evaluator. This section of our website has been designed for evaluations that need to be completed directly for applicants.

We offer both general and course-by-course evaluations. The general evaluation is basically a statement of comparability that includes recognition of higher education institutions, U.S. equivalency, indigenous GPA, and more. The course-by-course evaluation includes all of that information but also includes a list of each subject on post-secondary transcripts along with U.S. recommended credits and grades for each subject. A course-by-course evaluation can also be conducted of high school/secondary school credentials, but it will only include subjects and grades; it will not include credits or Carnegie units. If you are applying with an incomplete high school/secondary school transcript to transfer to a US high school, please check with the US school first to see if they will accept an evaluation that does not have credits or Carnegie units. For anyone who has earned at least two years of university-level study, the course-by-course list of subjects and grades will not include secondary/high school education unless specifically requested. 

In order to apply for evaluation, we require the application, application fee, and official credentials.

You can pay online when you submit the application form and a copy of your documents electronically (by email or fax). Whether you send us an electronic copy of your documents, we will still require that you mail us the official (not photocopied) documents before your evaluation can be completed.

Before you apply, check out our country-specific requirements so that you know what is required. Before you apply, you should also ensure that our evaluation will be accepted to the institutions where you are planning to use it because each institution has their own policies. If your situation is unusual or you need clarification, please send us an email at before you submit an application.

Please note that we are no longer accepting applications to evaluate nursing, pharmacy, law, medical, physical therapy, or dental programs. We do not conduct evaluations for any offshore medical programs unless the program is accredited by CAAM-HP. In addition, we no longer offer an evaluation specific to teacher certification or accounting boards, nor do we evaluate religious or vocational studies unless completed at a university. We also do not conduct course-by-course evaluations of language immersion programs for credit. 


Our detailed Terms of Service are available here. You can also learn more detailed information about our Evaluation Policies