Internet Archive

Transcript Research co-hosted a two-part series of webinars aimed at beginner and intermediate users of the Wayback Machine's Internet Archive and how it is a vital tool for the international credentials evaluator. 

As part of the introductory session, we've shown you some basic steps on how to use the Wayback Machine to look up historical information from institutions like degree plans, catalogs, syllabi, entry requirements, grading scales, program standard duration, and more to ensure you are using time-appropriate information on your evaluation assessments.

Our intermediate session focused on more complex strategies for searching for these items as well as some different ways for searching for old websites. We covered the Internet Archive's Boolean operators, learned some history about this not-for-profit organization, and learned how we can save information individually or institutionally to the Internet Archive. In addition, we looked at the Internet Archive's library to show you some of the relevant publications useful for credentials evaluations.

Beginner Session:

presentation and video

Intermediate Session:

presentation and video